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Business Continuity and Backup Solutions

What we do?

  • We provide on-premises as well as remote / cloud backups.
  • We also visit your premises for complex issues that cannot be solved remotely.

Introducing our business continuity solution tailored specifically for small and medium businesses. Utilizing image-based backup and a hybrid cloud model, our solution offers enterprise-grade functionality at a low cost. Say goodbye to separate expenses for backup software, NAS devices, offsite backup disk/cloud storage, and secondary backup servers.

With our disaster recovery service, you can be up and running in minutes. We offer a cloud backup solution that lasts for a full year, as well as access to a local or cloud-based virtual server for 30 days during the recovery process.

Best of all, our solution is available at a low cost, ensuring affordability for your business. By implementing our business continuity solution, you not only protect your valuable resources but also ensure uninterrupted operations, giving you peace of mind.